McCain needs help with economy–his choice?

October 29, 2008

John McCain has always admitted that the economy is not his strength. Damn the bad luck–that’s where we need the most help right now. Check out this 30-second video clip:

Democrat Dave


Let’s put an end to McCain-Palin lies about Barack Obama’s tax plans

October 29, 2008

If you’re sick and tired of John McCain’s non-stop stream of lies about Barack Obama’s tax plan, this video can help you put an end to it.  From JedL over at DailyKos comes this gem.


As JedL says:

As the video shows, the fact is that under Obama’s plan, 95% of Americans — including Joe the Plumber — would get a tax cut. Income over $250,000 would be taxed at pre-Bush levels (same as during the Clinton years).

That’s not spreading the wealth — that’s a tax plan designed to create wealth by strengthening the middle class.

Don’t tell Matt Drudge or FOX News, but John McCain himself took the same basic approach to taxes as Barack Obama — at least until the 2008 presidential campaign brought about some changes in his views.

Now, with just six days to go, the only thing John McCain has left to run on is a bogus and hypocritical attack on Barack Obama’s tax cut plan. To the extent this video can help reveal that truth, getting it into enough hands could help put an end to John McCain’s lies about Obama’s tax cut plan.

Thanks! Democrat Dave

Barack Obama draws 100,000 in Denver; John McCain trying to raise money

October 26, 2008

When things are going well, they’re going really well.  Barack Obama drew approximately 100,000 people to a rally in Denver today.  Guess folks want to see the next President of the United States.

I happened to receive a John McCain solicitation trying to raise money.  Immediately made me donate another $100 to Barack Obama.  Don’t worry–I’ll send in the GOP fund-raising solicitation (they pay the postage) and let them know I donated money to Barack Obama in John McCain’s name.

Here’s some key points from John McCain’s letter (you may want to grab a Kleenex before reading further–it may make you tear up a bit–not):

Dear Friend,

We’ve reached a critical juncture in the campaign.  The Obama Democrats and their left-wing, special interest allies have come forward in a united front combining their enoromous fundraising arsenal.  Meanwhile, the national Democrats led by Chairman Howard Dean are stepping up their cynical campaign of distortions and outright lies, and with the help of their cronies, are raising staggering amounts of money.

My friend, the last thing we Republicans can afford is to have our hands tied behind our backs due to the fact that their candidate broke his promise to the American people and refused to accept the presidential campaign spending limit–which means they will have no limit as to what they can raise and spend.

We simply can’t be in a situation where the Democrats hold a huge financial advantage over us in the last crucial month leading up to the elections.  That’s why I am writing to you today, as a most valued and trusted member of our Party.

You support is essential right now.  So, please send in a generous Emergency Membership Contribution of $35, $50, $100, $500 or even more if you can afford it.

…I would not ask for your help if the circumstances were not so dire.  However, it is clear that the weeks and days ahead will be the most important yet in our battle to defeat the Democrats and their deeply flawed policies that embrace higher taxes, more government spending, socialized medicine and surrender in Iraq.

…Thank you for your steadfast support of our Party and our country.

Sincerely, John McCain

John McCain lies even in his fundraising messages. What a pathetic guy he’s become as a result of this election.  But, that issue aside–since McCain accepted public funds, how can he still be raising money?  Or, do those rules not apply because “McCain says so?”

Enough!! Obama-Biden in 2008! Democrat Dave

Change: Barack Obama and the “wassup” dudes

October 25, 2008

Hasn’t Cindy McCain made her fortune from Budweiser?  Oh well…

For all you “Joe Six Packs” out there, enjoy.  Democrat Dave

Is the election over yet?

October 25, 2008

If you believe the polls, the Obama-Biden ticket is going to have a resounding victory against the McCain-Palin ticket.  I believe the polls.  Why?  Obama is consistently ahead in the polls.  This mitigates the potential issue of a one-off polling result such as the AP poll we saw earlier this week.

Democrats can’t become complacent–we need to get out the vote to ensure that we close the deal for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  Polls don’t win elections–it’s only the final vote tally that counts!!   Michele Obama reminds us yesterday that we can take nothing for granted.

I got really ill about 10 days ago and am well on the mend now.  I was so sick, I missed the final debate.  That’s sick!  The McCain-Palin tone hasn’t promoted better health for me.  It’s only made me crave an Obama-Biden victory and for us to “get this over with.”

I’ve now reached the point where, like George Bush, I don’t want to hear anything that John McCain or Sarah Palin have to say.   It’s all about bashing Obama-Biden, not telling us why they offer a better solution for America.

The McCain-Palin ticker only advances FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) about Barack Obama.  The American people aren’t buying it.  McCain-Palin aren’t mavericks, they aren’t for the middle class, and they really aren’t for change.  They are for pandering to their base.

The McCain-Palin campaign has become a travesty for them and good news for the Democrats–the GOP down-party races, e.g., House, Senate, etc., are suffering due to the McCain-Palin ticket.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden want a victory to help steer this country in a different direction.  McCain-Palin want to win to preserve the status quo.  In my mind, the choice is clear:  Obama-Biden is the ticket!!

Enough!  Obama-Biden in 2008!!  Democrat Dave

100,000 attend Barack Obama rally in St. Louis

October 18, 2008

Look at this crowd!  This reflects the momentum being enjoyed by our 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.  What a sight to behold!

Enough!  Obama-Biden in 2008.  Democrat Dave

John McCain: horrible judgement about Sarah Palin

October 14, 2008

Conservatives continue to take issue with John McCain for his selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate.  In an article today titled Bush Strategist: McCain Knows He Put Country at Risk with Palin Pick  by Sam Stein of the Huffington Post:

Matthew Dowd, a prominent political consultant and chief strategist for George W. Bush’s reelection campaign eviscerated John McCain on Tuesday for his choice of Sarah Palin as vice president.

Dowd proclaimed that, in his heart of hearts, McCain knew he put the country at risk with his VP choice and that he would “have to live” with that fact for the rest of his career.

This isn’t the “liberal media” making this observation–this is a Conservative insider! How could any Conservatives still be thinking about voting for McCain-Palin? It is a puzzlement.

Enough! Obama-Biden in 2008!! Democrat Dave