Ahmadinejad Likens Obama to Bush

June 25, 2009

Right.  I have to laugh at the utter foolishness of this sentiment.

It shows what an out of control mad man Ahmadinejad really is.

After Barack Obama’s speech in the Middle East, just about every Islamic group understands that there is a significant difference between Bush and Obama.  Even Hammas is saying that the situation is different now.

In order for people like Ahmadinejad to survive, he needs to create the image of the “evil empire” (that would be the USA) being anti-Iran and anti-Islamic.

This metaphor isn’t going to work.  People are smarter than that.

It’s time for the will of the people to be heard in Iran.  It’s time for the people to thank the clerics for what they do, but, to separate church and state.

Is this a pro-Iranian position?  Yes.  Yet, I’d bet Ahmadinejad would suggest otherwise.  He’d probably accuse me of being like George Bush.  Sure.

What do you think?

Democrat Dave