Obama & Guantanamo–rash decision?

January 30, 2009

Many (mostly Republicans) believe that Barack Obama made a rash decision to close Guantanamo, the place where the Bush Administration housed people labeled as “enemy combatants.”

Several weeks ago, I was of the opinion that we shouldn’t close Guantanamo.  I believed the correct answer was simply more transparency of everything going on there.

Now, after further reflection, I can tell you that I agree with Barack Obama.  Guantanamo has become little more than a international symbol of disgrace for the United States due to the lack of transparency by the Bush Administration.

Barack Obama certainly got it right. We should close this installation as quickly as possible.  Transparency is not going to overcome negativity in the international community.

What do you think?

Democrat Dave


House GOP should walk the talk–refuse bailout funds

January 30, 2009

This week, the House GOP unanimously rejected the Obama-led bailout initiative to bolster the sagging economy.  Why?

The GOP claims to the be a “party of principle” against deficits, government bailouts, etc.  The GOP believes that trickle-down economics is the only way to go and feels the answer is simply more tax cuts.

If the House Republicans are truly a party of principle, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and the House GOP leadership should immediately announce that the House Republicans will refuse to accept any bailout funds coming into their districts.  Stephen Colbert suggested they do on his show last evening, a brilliant idea don’t you think?

By rejecting bailout funds, the House Republicans send a strong message of principle not only to Barack Obama and the Democrats but also to their constituents.  Think of the strong message that would send!  Why, even Rush Limbaugh would be delighted with this principled response, don’t you think?

Do they have the guts to do it?  Of course not.  They really aren’t that principled. What do you think?

Democrat Dave