Let’s put an end to McCain-Palin lies about Barack Obama’s tax plans

If you’re sick and tired of John McCain’s non-stop stream of lies about Barack Obama’s tax plan, this video can help you put an end to it.  From JedL over at DailyKos comes this gem.


As JedL says:

As the video shows, the fact is that under Obama’s plan, 95% of Americans — including Joe the Plumber — would get a tax cut. Income over $250,000 would be taxed at pre-Bush levels (same as during the Clinton years).

That’s not spreading the wealth — that’s a tax plan designed to create wealth by strengthening the middle class.

Don’t tell Matt Drudge or FOX News, but John McCain himself took the same basic approach to taxes as Barack Obama — at least until the 2008 presidential campaign brought about some changes in his views.

Now, with just six days to go, the only thing John McCain has left to run on is a bogus and hypocritical attack on Barack Obama’s tax cut plan. To the extent this video can help reveal that truth, getting it into enough hands could help put an end to John McCain’s lies about Obama’s tax cut plan.

Thanks! Democrat Dave


3 Responses to Let’s put an end to McCain-Palin lies about Barack Obama’s tax plans

  1. oxypolitis says:

    So Obama simply has to do nothing, vote present, and taxes will increase. He can promote his plan, and be accurate that it lowers taxes yet still cause taxes to increase. Nice ploy.

    Read his voting record. Read the voting record of the current democratic congress members. What do you think will happen?

    This boils down to a question of trust. Stop comparing plans, that will get you nowhere. You cannot dispute what Obama’s written plan states (depends on when you read it apparently).

    The real question is; Do you trust him to do what it/he says?

    So how do you determine whether to trust someone?

    I usually look at their history regarding that particular topic. Then I look at their history in general, have they lied before? Then I look at who they associate with and whether they are trustworthy.

    When I apply those filters to Obama and the demoncratic leadership in congress I end up NOT believing them.

    So what is the income (what is income?) threshold for the tax cuts in the ‘Obama plan’?
    $300, 000

    I’ve heard ALL of those numbers used by Obama and Biden. To what do you base your trust?


  2. oxypolitis says:

    Oh, yeah. And what is the value of those income levels with the current decline in value of the dollar? Will $200,000 two years from now be like making 50? Incomes will rise because of the de-valuation of the dollar. Is that ‘plan’ on a sliding scale? I doubt it.


  3. Dave says:

    oxypolitis…the decline of the value of the dollar has been driven by the GOP with out of control spending, budget deficits, etc. You must be assuming there’s going to be massive inflation over the next 2 years–pretty unlikely given the current state of the economy. You are looking in your rear view mirror to predict the future. If you don’t trust Barack Obama, don’t vote for him. If you like the current morass this country is in, then vote for McCain-Palin or Bob Barr. Democrat Dave


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