Is the election over yet?

If you believe the polls, the Obama-Biden ticket is going to have a resounding victory against the McCain-Palin ticket.  I believe the polls.  Why?  Obama is consistently ahead in the polls.  This mitigates the potential issue of a one-off polling result such as the AP poll we saw earlier this week.

Democrats can’t become complacent–we need to get out the vote to ensure that we close the deal for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  Polls don’t win elections–it’s only the final vote tally that counts!!   Michele Obama reminds us yesterday that we can take nothing for granted.

I got really ill about 10 days ago and am well on the mend now.  I was so sick, I missed the final debate.  That’s sick!  The McCain-Palin tone hasn’t promoted better health for me.  It’s only made me crave an Obama-Biden victory and for us to “get this over with.”

I’ve now reached the point where, like George Bush, I don’t want to hear anything that John McCain or Sarah Palin have to say.   It’s all about bashing Obama-Biden, not telling us why they offer a better solution for America.

The McCain-Palin ticker only advances FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) about Barack Obama.  The American people aren’t buying it.  McCain-Palin aren’t mavericks, they aren’t for the middle class, and they really aren’t for change.  They are for pandering to their base.

The McCain-Palin campaign has become a travesty for them and good news for the Democrats–the GOP down-party races, e.g., House, Senate, etc., are suffering due to the McCain-Palin ticket.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden want a victory to help steer this country in a different direction.  McCain-Palin want to win to preserve the status quo.  In my mind, the choice is clear:  Obama-Biden is the ticket!!

Enough!  Obama-Biden in 2008!!  Democrat Dave


4 Responses to Is the election over yet?

  1. Terra says:

    I agree with your ending thoughts, but not completely on how you come to them… LOL



  2. llbbl says:

    assuming the voting machines work this time


  3. mb says:

    Um, I think the polls are a crock. How short ones memories are. Also, for another side to the coin, which I’m sure you won’t read because you think Obama is the Messiah, try this blog:


  4. Dave says:

    mb: And, what’s makes you think I believe Barack Obama is the “Messiah?” Are you projecting? Barack Obama is a far more qualified candidate than John McCain. Just look at the drove of Republicans who have announced their support for Barack Obama. Let’s just consider Colin Powell for example. Why is it you point me to “americanthinker?” Am I not also an American thinker? Aren’t we all American thinkers? Or, do we have to drink the Kool-aid in order to be American thinkers? Frankly, I don’t see the signs that a McCain victory is imminent–thank God! Democrat Dave, an American thinker.


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