Vote “NO” on California’s Proposition 8

Earlier this year, the California Supreme Court ruled that, under the equal protection cause of the constitution, that it was unconstitutional to ban same-sex marriages.  Proposition 8 attempts to introduce a California constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages. 

I, along with the majority of California voters, reject the idea of banning same-sex marriages.  The constitutional amendment is being endorsed by religious groups who fear same-sex marriages undermine traditional marriages.  I urge a “NO” vote on Proposition 8. 

Democrat Dave

4 Responses to Vote “NO” on California’s Proposition 8

  1. Here’s what more and more Gay Americans are doing; withholding all federal tax until our FAMILIES and CHILDREN have Marriage Equality.

    Our society and its laws treat us as SUB-Americans. Yet they expect us to pay taxes.

    I seriously doubt we will EVER have equality in other areas of life (military, adoption, hate crimes) until the US government starts to treat our families and children AS WORTHY AS other families. How do we expect to enlist in the military openly, adopt children without discrimination, or walk safely out and about in the world if our HOMES, our FAMILIES, are viewed as SUB-human in the eyes of the law?! What is more important than FAMILY?

    Is SUB-American OK as a tax-payer? R-e-a-l-l-y?


  2. culturepress says:

    Dave, thanks so much for helping spread the word about this. Prop 8/gay marriage is a civil rights issue. The proponents of Prop 8 are using the most absurd fear tactics in order to deny equality to gay Americans, and sadly, it looks like Prop 8 will pass…


  3. Dave says:

    Proposition 8 is presently losing. The latest poll shows 52% “no.” The “yes” polls are show it in the low 40’s. I’m pleased for where we are tonight. I don’t plan to marry a member of the same sex nor does my wife. We just don’t believe that it is our responsibility to say “no” to someone else who’s in a committed relationship. Let’s hope this measure goes down to defeat. Democrat Dave


  4. culturepress says:

    Thank you, Dave–yes, you’re right, I see now that it’s flipped to the “no” side in recent polls. I was afraid that this measure would pass, but with the help of all us spreading the word, it looks like we’re getting this message out. The Prop 8 backers are still leaving fliers all around town in San Francisco, which say, “Restore Marriage” as if any of us San Franciscans are going to buy that!!!


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