John McCain and the GI Bill

October 9, 2008

Here’s more evidence of John McCain’s “commitment” to our veterans:

John McCain can’t be trusted to be our next Commander in Chief.

Enough!  Obama-Biden in 2008!!   Democrat Dave


Active duty soldiers favor Obama over McCain

October 9, 2008

John McCain has lost favor with active duty soldiers stationed overseas.  From an article in the San Diego Union back in August 2008, you’ll find the following:

 U.S. soldiers have donated more presidential campaign money to Democrat Barack Obama than to Republican John McCain, a reversal of previous campaigns in which military donations tended to favor GOP White House hopefuls, according to a nonpartisan group.

Troops serving abroad have given more than five times as much money to Obama’s presidential campaign as they have to McCain’s, the Center for Responsive Politics said.

The GOP and John McCain are in trouble with this constituency.   But, they are in trouble with most all constituencies.  No big surprise here.  Democrat Dave

John McCain isn’t a maverick–he’s a sidekick

October 9, 2008

Joe Biden said this yesterday while out on the stump:

John McCain isn’t a maverick, he’s a sidekick!

It’s too good not to share.  McCain is Bush’s sidekick!

Democrat Dave