John McCain: suspend your campaign–it’s over

Dear John McCain: 

My friend, it’s over.  Please stop tearing down America, your party and yourself.  You’ve lost your integrity and a lot of respect over the past few months.  It’s too bad that you were willing to give that away.

We know what you’re about and the American people say “no thank you” to you being President of the United States. 

You are out of ideas and credible plans to help resolve 21st century issues.  You sound irritable, cranky and out of touch.  It’s time for you to get off the stage.

The American people deserve more from you than the crap you and Sarah Palin bring to the table. We don’t need 27 more days of this.  We can’t stand any more of your “maverick, reform” B.S.  It made for a great drinking game with all those Joe Six-Packs out there!

If you really are for “Country First,” suspend your campaign, go home to one of your homes (you choose which one) and relax.  Sure, the GOP and the NeoCons are going to be furious with you for screwing up your campaign.  But, it’s time for a change and you can’t fill the bill.  Neither can your VP choice.

You aren’t entitled to the Presidency of the United States simply because you were a POW.  Sorry. Thanks for your service to our country.  End your campaign honorably now.  

Enough!  Obama-Biden in 2008. 

Democrat Dave

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