Obama-Biden lead grows; McCain-Palin attacks not working

October 6, 2008

The Obama-Biden lead continues to grow daily all across America–excellent news!!

The McCain-Palin campaign is becoming increasingly strident as they have no message that is resonating with the American people.  

  • Meanwhile, McCain-Palin will do everything they can to undermine Barack Obama’s campaign. 
  • Watch for the GOP to continue the FUD–fear, uncertainty and doubt–campaign.  
  • Look for Obama-Biden to continue to sharpen the differences between the respective visions of the 2 campaigns.

The American people are properly seeing that the McCain-Palin ticket lacks the talent, capacity, vision and leadership to bring the change America needs.

The GOP hold on the White House is about to be a distant memory.  I can’t wait!

Enough!  Obama-Biden in 2008.  Democrat Dave