FDA says small amounts of melamine in U.S. food okay

October 3, 2008

Who’s running the starship?

The Food and Drug Administration said Friday its safety experts have concluded that eating a very tiny amount of melamine — 2.5 parts per million — would not raise health concerns, even if a person ate food that was tainted with the chemical every day.

But officials stressed the scientific assessment does not mean that U.S. authorities will tolerate any melamine that is deliberately added to foods. In China, unscrupulous suppliers appear to have been adding melamine to make watered-down milk seem protein-rich in quality-control tests. That’s because melamine is high in nitrogen, as is protein.

Damn good news, don’t you think? Did they put this through a clinical trial?

You just can’t make this stuff up. Democrat Dave


Sarah Palin debate flow chart

October 3, 2008

Right from Sarah Palin’s podium!  I wish I could take credit for designing this, but, I can’t.  I hope the author won’t mind me sharing it with you.

Enough!  Obama-Biden in 2008!!   Democrat Dave

VP Debate: Sarah Palin proves she’s not ready

October 3, 2008

Last night, Joe Biden proved why he is qualified to be VP; Sarah Palin proved why she is not. 

At the GOP convention, Sarah proved she’s an effective actress–if you’re a devout Republican, you may have thought she was entertaining.  She had another reasonable acting performance last night.  But, that’s insufficient to persuade me she’s worthy of our serious consideration for VP. Here’s why I stand by my assertion she’s little more than an actress:

  • Sarah was able to learn a few scripted lines and use them over and over and over and over and over.
  • Sarah didn’t respect the VP debate process–by blowing off questions, she did what she needed to do to survive within the context of her fragile scripting. [What would the GOP be saying if Joe Biden had adopted the same strategy?  Does the word “outrageous” come to mind?]
  • She was able to offer little more than vague, partisan generalities.
  • Just like an actress, there’s no real depth to her understanding–she delivered the GOP script.
  • Sarah tells you that John McCain wants to go after the evil empire (Wall Street) and is suddenly solidly behind the middle class. How dumb do they think we are?  [They will say anything to win!]
  • Sarah Palin thinks the Constitutional authority for the VP should be expanded; as you would expect, she offered no specifics about this.  Has she ever even read the Constitution?  Doesn’t she understand we’ve been down that path with Dick Cheney and we’re not interested in replaying that movie?  [Note: Sarah Palin thinks the biggest mistake Dick Cheney made as VP was shooting his hunting partner in the face.  Really?  That tells me a lot about her!]

The GOP spinmeisters are all over the TV this morning “selling” the idea that Sarah won the debate last evening. Not!

The debate in no way changed my mind about her readiness and, based on post-debate polling, the American people who watched it reached the same conclusion.  Here’s why:

  • Life at the VP level isn’t about reciting talking points as she was able to do last night; the 21st century isn’t following a tight script.
  • Life is more spontaneous–more like the Katie Couric interviews we saw;  Sarah crumbled in that environment. Don’t ever forget that!!
  • Sarah couldn’t provide the names of anything she reads–anyone with any intellectual curiosity can tell you in a heartbeat what they look at on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Sarah Palin looks like a victim of the Bush “No Child Left Behind” program: it doesn’t teach kids how to think; it teaches them how to answer specific questions for the purpose of taking a test.
  • It took most of John McCain’s staff to script her for this debate; what seems natural about that? 

Sarah Palin is not a bad person.  She’s simply been thrust into a situation she’s incapable of rising to in spite of her claims and the GOP claims to the contrary.  I don’t want her one heart beat away from the Presidency.  She’s not ready.  The American people deserve better.

Joe Biden is ready.   Barack Obama is ready.

Enough!  Obama-Biden in 2008!!   Democrat Dave