Biden-Palin debate: post-debate GOP excuses

October 2, 2008
  1. Palin was intimidated by Biden
  2. Palin was a victim of sexism
  3. The moderator was biased–Karl Rove will announce “he’s never seen such partisan questions in his entire political life!”
  4. Biden threw her off balance with his knowledge of the world
  5. There was a rock in her shoe
  6. She stayed up late last night cramming
  7. The questions came too fast and furious
  8. They hadn’t covered that subject in the debate prep–“how could anyone be expected to know that?”
  9. She’s only going to be Vice President so the questions are largely irrelevant
  10. The liberal media prepared the questions and we all know how out of touch they are
  11. She’s had a heavy campaign schedule
  12. Her kid was ill last evening so she didn’t get proper rest
  13. John McCain was ill last night and she stayed up late reassuring him of her qualifications
  14. etc., etc., etc.

Get ready folks.  Get ready. 

I hope some of you don’t turn this into a post-debate drinking game–a lot of alcohol may be consumed.   Please don’t drink and drive. 

Democrat Dave