Sarah Palin’s success or failure in the debate is about Sarah Palin, Not All Women

October 1, 2008

Sarah Palin only represents herself in the debate tomorrow night, not all women.   I’m seeing some write that “she can’t let women down.”  She can only represent herself. 

If Joe Biden makes a gaffe, it’s not about all men–just about Joe Biden.

That being said, I’m really looking forward to the debate tomorrow night. 

Democrat Dave

10 Reasons McCain-Palin campaign is going down

October 1, 2008

1. John McCain

2. Sarah Palin validates John McCain has really bad judgement

3. Erratic campaign–out of touch; lack of consistency

4. Dishonesty and lack of integrity in ads and messaging

5. Country isn’t first; campaign is first

6. Lying about taking care of veterans

7. Taking credit for or declaring victory for things that ultimately fail

8. Demeanor and attitude

9. Conservatives abandoning the ticket in droves

10. American public is not stupid

What do you think?   Democrat Dave