Paper endorses first Democrat for President in 72 years

September 29, 2008

The Record, a paper out of Stockton, California, has endorsed Barack Obama.  They’ve not endorsed a Democrat for President in 72 years.  Here’s part of what they wrote:

Barack Obama is our choice for president of the United States.
He has demonstrated time and again he can think on his feet. More importantly, he has demonstrated he will think things through, seek advice and actually listen to it.

Obama is a gifted speaker. But in addition to his smarts and energy, possibly his greatest gift is his ability to inspire.

For eight years, American politics has been marked by smears, fears and greed. For too long, we’ve practiced partisanship in Washington, not politics. The result is a cynicism every bit as deep as that which infected the nation when Richard Nixon was shamed from office and when Bill Clinton brought shame to the office.

This must end, but John McCain can’t do it. He can’t inspire, nor can he really break from a past that is breaking this nation.

Excellent. Most excellent! Obama-Biden in 2008. Democrat Dave