First Presidential Debate–Can You Imagine Palin Up There?

Last night’s debate certainly covered a lot of highly detailed economic and foreign policy matters.  I couldn’t help but think about throughout the course of the entire debate how Sarah Palin will fare against Joe Biden given the same questions Barack and John McCain had to deal with.  It’s going to be a disaster for her and her party. 

Look for something to happen that precludes her participation in that debate up to and including leaving the ticket.  I read yesterday that her prepatory sessions for the debates is going so poorly, that the team prepping her can’t get through a session without stopping half-way through in utter dismay and frustration.

My hat is off to Barack Obama.  He performed extremely well against a cranky John McCain.  Bravo, Barack!

Since the college vote is so important in this election, I found it startling that John McCain started off the evening talking about President Eisenhower.   Most people in college would only have a memory of Clinton and Bush 43 Administrations.  This reference certainly made John McCain look old.

What do you think?  Democrat Dave

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