Sarah Palin is an actress, not a viable VP candidate

For those of you who saw the Katie Couric interview last evening, it is all too obvious that Sarah Palin is incapable of being the Vice President.  She’s out of her element. God forbid something happens to John McCain and we have her step up to the Presidential role!

The “Peter principle” suggests that every employee rises to their level of incompetence.  We’re there folks with Sarah Palin–she’s incompetent for this new role.

Sarah Palin is able to deliver a tightly-scripted event very well.  I call that acting.  Sadly, leadership requires far more than executing within a script.

Sarah Palin may be capable of meeting the needs of Alaska quite well.  But, her skills aren’t translating well to the big stage she needs to be able play on.  Sarah Palin isn’t ready.  We can’t afford the risk.  John McCain’s judgement has to be questioned as to why he selected her. 

Enough!  Vote Obama-Biden.  Democrat Dave

3 Responses to Sarah Palin is an actress, not a viable VP candidate

  1. Wayne Warner says:

    Tp Democrat Dave. And what will you get with Obama? A lot of talk, a great actor (better than Palin), another Jimmy Carter. Give him a hammer and let him join Jimmy as a carpenter.


  2. Wayne…let’s try to stay on topic, please. The subject was Sarah Palin. Do you agree that she’s incapable of being VP? Democrat Dave


  3. Sherry says:

    Poor John needed a time out after all the bad news this week. Hail Mary, as they say. It’s a very low percentage play and our old man seems not to have grasped it yet. This is his second one with the time out. The first, Ms. palin, should have alerted him that these ploys seldom work. He loses big I’m thinking.


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