McCain-Palin campaign: R.I.P.

John McCain and Sarah Palin: Please stop embarrassing yourselves and our nation.  America deserves better.

Please suspend your campaign immediately and go back to what you were doing before you got yourselves into this mess.   We don’t need to hear from you in the debates.  We know who are you and, frankly, you both scare the cr_p out of us.

It’s time for the McCain-Palin campaign to quietly fade into the sunset.  You and your failed campaign has become too big a distraction in light of all the serious issues facing the nation. 

Conservative pundits as well as the main stream media are rejecting the erratic campaign that you’ve been running while at the same time acknowledging what many of us have known for weeks–Sarah Palin isn’t ready for anything at the level she’s been asked to play–a debate, an interview by the media, a discussion about serious issues, etc.  It’s time to end this. 

If you truly believe in “Country First,” do this for the country.

And, please, whatever you do, don’t replace Palin on the ticket.  It would merely be seen as a “sexist” attack of one of your own.  John McCain–your party made the choice for you and you need to live with it.

John McCain–you aren’t the man I knew back in 2000.   It’s too bad.   Thanks for your service to our country, John.    Sarah Palin–good luck with Alaska and your family.  Sorry you got drug into all this.

Enough!  Vote Obama-Biden in 2008.   Democrat Dave

3 Responses to McCain-Palin campaign: R.I.P.

  1. Victoria says:

    Palin is truly frightening. Kathleen Parker says it so well.

    McCain came off in the debate as a grumpy old man with nothing new to offer. The rest of the world must be appalled.


  2. Sherry says:

    The trouble is what are they to do if Palin backs out? Replace her with Joe? The right wing will have a fit, and the election can be kissed goodbye. Course, I expect them to lose anyway, but that would be tantamount to a surrender wouldn’t it? I know they sure wished they hadn’t but now I think it’s way too late.

    McCain looked cranky and mean. He is not uniter, not when you call your opponent names all night in some attempt to paint him as inexperienced and stupid. Stupid Barack is not, and he was way more presidential I thought.


  3. culturepress says:

    Brilliant headline for this post.

    McCain did seem a bit cranky in the debates, and Palin doesn’t stand a chance next week against Biden.


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