GOP Stonewalling Bailout Debate–is this really a crisis?

You’d think if we had a “crisis” that was about to bring on the collapse of our economy, that we wouldn’t have posturing but instead we’d have real action.  My sense is that we have a genuine problem and we are going to need some form of bailout to stem further erosion in our credit markets.

The GOP House members are acting irresponsibly and recklessly by refusing to sit across the table to get closure on a solution.  The only way to sell your ideas is to show up and negotiate!

Frankly, Bernake and Paulson continue to do a HORRIBLE job COMMUNICATING how this bailout works as I have raised in previous posts.  While they’ve done an effective job raising the urgency level, they’ve not made the sale to Congress or the American people.  Had they done so, we wouldn’t be where we are.

I’m sure the House Republicans are nervous about the November elections, particularly given the GOP track record of the last 8 years.  Their constituents–by a 2:1 margin–are holding the Republicans accountable for the mess we are in.  So, I’m sure they are looking for a compelling explanation for this bailout.

We need to get closure on this.  This isn’t the time for grandstanding.   It’s a time for thoughtful negotiation to bring closure to this issue.

What do you think?  Democrat Dave


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