McCain bailout on his own campaign

McCain has a number of problems that all center around his inability to tell the truth.  Let’s look at what happened with David Letterman. 

John McCain apparently called David to tell him that he wouldn’t be able to appear on this show yesterday as he had to “immediately return to Washington D.C. to work on the economic crisis.”   Except, he never left New York. 

Instead, he was found to be taping an interview with Katie Couric during the time he would have been on David’s show.  And, this morning, he’s on a panel with Bill Clinton in New York at the Clinton Global Initiative.  So, he won’t be back in Washington until Thursday afternoon.

Why did he lie again?   Why can’t McCain tell the truth?  Is this what we expect of a guy who wants to be President of the United States?

The Republicans in Congress are largely against him showing up.  The Democrats are adamantly against this grandstanding by McCain.  They feel his participation will only take the attention off the real issue at hand–reaching agreement on a bailout plan. 

No one asked McCain to suspend his campaign and come to Washington to help broker a solution–he’s interjecting himself into the process at the 11th hour.  It was only AFTER he suspended is campaign the President Bush summoned McCain and Obama to the White House.  McCain is looking for a sound-bite moment where he can appear to be “Presidential” in pulling together a solution.

Leadership is knowing when it is appropriate to interject yourself into a situation. McCain’s actions are inappropriate and largely unwelcome.  That’s not leadership; it’s grandstanding.

Why did he “suspend” his campaign?  It’s an act of desperation to try to slow Barack Obama’s growing momentum and deflect attention away from McCain’s campaign and all its problems of the past 2 weeks.  It’s also a way to get his campaign problems out of the news for a few hours.  And, it won’t work. 

The American people are tired of being lied to by McCain and Palin.   They are seeing clear indications that this is looking more and more like the Bush-Cheney third term.   Palin is looking more and more like “Dick Cheney with lipstick” judging by her avoidance of the press, refusing to participate in the “Troopergate” investigation just as she commited to doing before she joined the McCain ticket, etc.

Barack Obama is right:  McCain needs to be able to multi-task.  And, McCain needs to show up to the debate tomorrow night.

Enough!  Barack Obama for President.   Democrat Dave


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