Is Sarah Palin ready?

If she’s ready for the Vice Presidency, why is she being shielded from the media?  Isn’t she ready?

What do you think is going on?  Democrat Dave


3 Responses to Is Sarah Palin ready?

  1. JABG says:

    I think McCain’s team knows just who she is, and, whether she’s in on it or not, they are handling her to maximize her value to them and minmize her speaking time. And to me, this shows just who John McCain really is since I don’t believe he’d do this to a man. And I’d like to see him try this with Hillary – or anyone who is truly ready!


  2. Anyone who was “ready” would never allow themselves to be treated this way. It’s embarrassing for Palin and McCain. I hope the voters see through this plow to pander for votes with Palin. She’s not ready. Democrat Dave


  3. Sherry says:

    Um, she’s not up to being a day care center owner. And they know it, and the ploy has failed. I can hardly wait for the post campaign books all pointing fingers on who is to blame for all this. The lies have caught up with old Johnny.


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