The difference between Bush and McCain

I just stumbled across this a comment on a blog from a woman who identified herself as “sara” from Mesa, Arizona:

yes, there IS a difference between Bush and McCain —
1. McCain is actually dumber than Bush (we’ve gone from a C student to a D- student;
2. McCain hides behind his “honor” whereas Bush never pretended to be honorable;
3. McCain picked Palin as his vp — although Cheney is no prize, he is at least smart and evil.  Palin is dumb and evil which is a lot scarier.

Older white woman with a freakin’ brain voting for Obama/Biden.

I’m not sure everyone will agree with Sara’s assessment.  What do you think?

Democrat Dave

One Response to The difference between Bush and McCain

  1. custador says:

    1) I’m not sure it’s technically possible to be stupider than a trained chimp in a golf cart who chokes on pretzels…
    2) No Republican politician has any honour. They lie because to tell the truth would make them totally unelectable. The election isn’t so much a vote as a survey on how gullible Americans are as a percentage of the population.
    3) Actually, I’m not sure which is scarier, but they’re both pretty unpleasant.


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