McCain finding no support from political analysts–watch this

John McCain…you know you’re having a bad campaign when discussions about you on Sunday morning sound like this…even conservative George Will is afraid of you…Democrat Dave


4 Responses to McCain finding no support from political analysts–watch this

  1. steve says:

    Hmmm…maybe I’ll have to tune into ABC once in a while. It will be an absolute shock if McCain/Palin pull this off. It’ll just prove that you can lie your way into office AND just how stupid a little more than half of Americans are. Isn’t it important how the rest of the world views us? Doesn’t anyone get that Europeans and others are ALL saying, “No, not McCain! How stupid are you people??” It’s true. Polls in 22 countries were overwhelmingly for Obama. We are the laughing stock right now. What an absolute shame.


  2. Dave says:

    Steve…I couldn’t agree with you more. We need a victory by Barack Obama in November. I’ve cited many reasons in other posts in my blog…please take a look and share this blog with ANYONE who may be undecided. Democrat Dave


  3. steve says:

    Thanks for doing what you’re doing, Dave.

    Do you know if Obama has addressed somehow in the media the reality of his and McCain ties to Fannie Mae/FM? I saw it detailed in an interesting way today. Yes, Obama is in second place when it comes to contributions made to his campaign by employees of this company, and that was somewhere around $140,000, I believe. BUT…when you ask the question, “Which campaign received more contributions by CEO’s, lobbyists who worked for them, and other VIP’s, McCain had around $140,000 and Obama only $14,000. Very interesting. If that could be laid out clearly to the people, I think the whole McCain argument about his ‘ties’ to Fanny Mae would go away quickly…or not…but either way, at least it’d be out there.


  4. Steve…if I help Barack get elected, then this is worthwhile. My understanding is that Raines/Fannie Mae gave campaign contributions to both sides. John McCain has “suggested” (a generous term don’t you think?) that Raines is an advisor to Barack Obama. Nothing could be further from the truth. They apparently met before he started his campaign for the Presidency and they have no relationship now. John McCain has troubling relationship to this day with Phil Gramm and others on his campaign staff. This isn’t the case for Barack. There have been claims that McCain is playing the “race card” in his ad by suggesting that 2 black men have some form of nefarious, self-serving relationship. This election needs to be about issues, not B.S. It seems McCain is not capable of putting together coherent messages about real issues, so the best he can do is sling mud. How sad. Democrat Dave


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