Why is McCain seemingly losing touch with reality?

The John McCain of 2008 is nothing like the John McCain of 2000.   He’s all over the place.  We go from “the fundamentals of our economy are strong” to a “financial crisis” to “financial chaos” in a 24 hours news cycle.  He seemed to be very confused over our relationship to a NATO ally, Spain, in an interview with a Miami radio show host.

More and more comments on blogs are suggesting McCain may have serious medical issues that need to be understood.  What we are seeing may be a sign of much bigger health challenges.

I’m not taking a swipe at McCain.  Independent medical experts need to understand if what we are seeing is symptomatic of the incredible stress associated with the campain or possibly something much more serious like dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

This election is too important to just overlook what we are seeing occur before our very eyes is merely “John McCain having a bad day.”  We can’t afford a President who can’t stay grounded in current reality all day, every day.

Running for President has to be the mental and physical equivalent of running a marathon every day.  I admire anyone who signs up for what has to be one of the toughest jobs on earth.  

We have to have someone who is up to the task mentally and physically or we risk installing a shadow government like we have today.

Please don’t mock Senator McCain for what is potentially a very serious health challenge.   I have compassion for the other side even if I don’t support what they stand for.

Democrat Dave

One Response to Why is McCain seemingly losing touch with reality?

  1. Nc says:

    I have some ligitmate concerns in watching McCain over the past few days – he does not look well – is it just stress? He doesn’t seem to have stamina and mental clarity and has to rely solely on his notes to get his points out….Yikes.


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