John McCain pathetic choice for President

Watching the news the last couple of days, a reasonable person can only conclude that John McCain is a pathetic choice for President.   He’s not the man he was in 2000.  He is man of extremes with contorted ideas:

  • One moment “the fundamentals of the economy are sound”
  • The next hour we’re in a “crisis”
  • Shortly thereafter, someone brings to McCain’s attention his gross contradictions, he announces the “fundamentals” he was talking about were “American workers”  [My B.S. detector went off–did yours?]
  • Now, McCain wants to regulate industries he and his advisor Phil Gramm helped deregulate.  [This is antithetical to the Republican mission and vision for this country.]

We have a man who is clearly struggling.  He is out of touch with reality until somebody plays the soundbite back for him and tells him how ludicrous he sounds.  Then, like a punch-drunk fighter, he jumps back in the ring, overcompensates and goes to a different extreme.

George Bush says “we need to make a few adjustments” while the media is using terminology like a “financial tsunami” to describe our current economic crisis.

Last night, the government (that would be you and me) made a $85,000,000,000 (that’s $85 billion) loan guarantee (a.k.a., “adjustment”) to keep AIG afloat due to lack of appropriate controls and prudent action on the part of this corporation.  That is a HUGE sum of money. Yikes!!

America can’t stand 4 more years of Republican “leadership.”   The world can’t tolerate 4 more years of Republican “leadership.”

Enough!  It’s time for a change:  Barack Obama

Democrat Dave


7 Responses to John McCain pathetic choice for President

  1. Kurt says:

    Look, Dave. McCain very well might be a pathetic choice for President, but he’s a white guy, and he’s a republican; and those are really the only qualifications most people need to see in a candidate.


  2. Kurt…I’m disappointed that you think so many people are on “auto-pilot” and aren’t looking seriously at this election and opportunity. I appreciate your candor. Democrat Dave


  3. Kurt says:

    I’m an Obama supporter, that means I have the ability to process information and arrive at reasonable conclusions. John McCain has offered nothing but the same failed policies, practices and philosophies as George W. Bush, yet he’s leading in the polls. If I am in error in my previous comment, please tell me what I’m missing.


  4. Kurt…sorry, I misread your comment to suggest that the opinion you expressed was yours as well as others. I’m glad to hear you’re an Obama supporter. It’s hard for me to believe that this race is even close! We need people to wake up and engage with this election process. The choice is so very clear to me. How can it not be to others? Democrat Dave


  5. Nc says:

    Now the above is a great dialogue – it is easy for any of us to mis-interpret another’s meaning – it takes “responsible communication” to make sure we are clearly understood – great posts from both Kurt and Dave…


  6. Sherry says:

    Dave, McCain is slipping again in the polls and Sarah is sliding badly. That says all one needs to know. They are not grasping at any remark in the hopes that something sticks. I fully expect them to be horrifed by Barack’s unpatriotic tie tomorrow. They are becoming a joke to everyone and McCain will be shunned after this election. He has sold his soul and everyone knows it.


  7. makaku777 says:

    don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if McBush is leading the polls or not, they are not getting the white house this time again. we can’f afford more of the same.

    Obama 08!!!


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