Palin blames Obama for her unwillingness to cooperate with “Troopergate” investigation

According to CNN Headline News this morning, Sarah Palin is claiming she won’t cooperate with the “Troopergate” investigation because Barack Obama’s team is manipulating the process?  Really? 

What proof can she offer that Obama is manipulating the process? 

It’s easy to make a claim.  Where’s the moose? 

Are you getting as tired of the McCain-Palin lies and deception as I am?

Democrat Dave


4 Responses to Palin blames Obama for her unwillingness to cooperate with “Troopergate” investigation

  1. sandysays1 says:

    Ahhh, You extremes on both sides are getting sickening. If you really feel the way you say do – why don’t we have a vote, split the country into absurd left and absurd right, and watch while we all sink.


  2. Extreme? Just reporting the news.

    What is Sarah Palin hiding? Why doesn’t she work to get this behind her? Or, is she trying to run out the clock before the election? What is her proof Obama is pulling the strings?

    Sarah Palin and the Republicans love the notion of the “evil empire”–the force that is “out to get you.” It’s part of their FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) campaign. If she can make people feel sorry for her by raising DOUBT about the veracity of the investigatory process, she can instill the FEAR that the Democrats are out to get her and support Republican’s greatest UNCERTAINTY–that they won’t win in November.

    I’m looking for proof that Obama is manipulating the process, not a claim that it’s true. Democrat Dave


  3. culturepress says:

    SANDYSAYS1: CNN is generally a middle-of-the-road and fairly unbiased news organization, which has reported both pro-Obama and pro-McCain stories and editorials in the past. What is so “extreme” about this post? Are you afraid of information and responsible journalism? Ask the Palin camp yourself, send them an e-mail: DOES she blame Obama for Troopergate? Is something wrong with Dave here reporting news about this election?

    (And Democrat Dave: Thank you very much for reporting the news.)


  4. If Palin is so innocent, then why not let the investigation proceed?

    Gee, all this talk from the Palin camp about truth and “transparency” and SUDDENLY, when it comes to her own abuse of power, we get a stonewall cover-up that Dick Cheney and KKKarl Rove would be proud of.

    The audacity of the lies is truly astounding!
    “Shake up Washington” but don’t let the truth out about yourself.
    You have to wonder how stupid they think the voters are.


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