Karl Rove: McCain ads “go one step too far” undermining McCain’s credibility & integrity

From CNN politicalticker 14SEP08:

Former Bush adviser Karl Rove suggested Sunday that John McCain had gone “one step too far” in some of his recent ads attacking Barack Obama.

Rove has leveled similar criticism against Obama. “McCain has gone in some of his ads — similarly gone one step too far,” he told Fox News, “and sort of attributing to Obama things that are, you know, beyond the ‘100 percent truth’ test.”

The Obama campaign immediately leaped on the quote. “In case anyone was still wondering whether John McCain is running the sleaziest, most dishonest campaign in history, today Karl Rove — the man who held the previous record — said McCain’s ads have gone too far,” said campaign spokesman Tommy Vietor, in a statement sent to reporters minutes after Rove’s on-air comments.

ENOUGH!  Elect Barack Obama President and let’s rid ourselves of this cancerous GOP leadership.   Democrat Dave


3 Responses to Karl Rove: McCain ads “go one step too far” undermining McCain’s credibility & integrity

  1. surisra says:

    The world is watching


  2. Howard says:

    It’s interesting how the dems continually slam Carl Rove, until his statements reinforce their vitriol for the republicans. I don’t care what the media says, if you connect the dots, it’s obvious that Obama’s lipstick/pig comment, which came just days after Palin scored points with her pitbulll/lipstick statement, was an ugly sexist response from Obama. Now, Obama is crying that he was misinterpreted, while the media, once again assists him in playing the victim. The deck has been so stacked in favor of Obama, whether it’s the media’s refusal to vet Obama in the first place, to giving Obama free rides with Wright, Farrakhan, Rezko, Ayers, etc.. The media, as well as shows like The View, are continuing to show extreme bias against Senator John McCain, while kissing Obama’s ass.


  3. Howard…there are few people on planet earth who, after looking at the actual Obama quote he made, could reach the conclusion that Obama was attacking Palin. Even Karl Rove got that one. Why haven’t you got it?

    If you don’t like the “bias” the media is showing, perhaps you should encourage your candidate to stop lying in his ads. He’s the one putting a target on his back.

    You see this election is, amongst other things, about character and integrity. The 2000 McCain had that; the 2008 model apparently doesn’t. George W. Bush doesn’t have it either.

    Enough!! I hope you figure this out and join me in voting for Barack Obama this November. Democrat Dave


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