Republicans: The party of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

The Republicans don’t have a record or a platform worth running on, so, they are left to the old standby–FUD:  Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.

  • Fear: You won’t be as safe with Democrats
  • Uncertainty:  Is Obama ready to lead?
  • Doubt: He’s not ready to be President

Don’t buy it. 

This election is about real issues, not about the B.S. the Republicans are attempting to shine a spotline on.  In the coming days and weeks, watch how skillfully the Republicans create FUD in an attempt to keep their regime in power.  Watch for how little they speak to the issues that matter to the American people. Enough!

This election is about:

  • Regaining our standing in the world as a superpower
  • Strong, vibrant economy with jobs people really want
  • Ensuring we have a Supreme Court not owned by special interests
  • Ensuring women continue to have a right to choose
  • Ending the war in Iraq responsibly; deploying the right resources to Afghanistan
  • Maintaining a separation of church and state as guaranteed by the U.S. constitution
  • Fixing the education system–“No Child Left Behind” ended up leaving a lot of children behind!
  • Integrity in the White House
  • Breaking the gridlock in Washington
  • Health care
  • Stem cell research
  • Reducing our national debt
  • Leading with diplomacy not the military
  • Finding solutions to our energy needs other than “drill, drill, drill”

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the change we need!   Democrat Dave


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