Republicans: The party of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

September 10, 2008

The Republicans don’t have a record or a platform worth running on, so, they are left to the old standby–FUD:  Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.

  • Fear: You won’t be as safe with Democrats
  • Uncertainty:  Is Obama ready to lead?
  • Doubt: He’s not ready to be President

Don’t buy it. 

This election is about real issues, not about the B.S. the Republicans are attempting to shine a spotline on.  In the coming days and weeks, watch how skillfully the Republicans create FUD in an attempt to keep their regime in power.  Watch for how little they speak to the issues that matter to the American people. Enough!

This election is about:

  • Regaining our standing in the world as a superpower
  • Strong, vibrant economy with jobs people really want
  • Ensuring we have a Supreme Court not owned by special interests
  • Ensuring women continue to have a right to choose
  • Ending the war in Iraq responsibly; deploying the right resources to Afghanistan
  • Maintaining a separation of church and state as guaranteed by the U.S. constitution
  • Fixing the education system–“No Child Left Behind” ended up leaving a lot of children behind!
  • Integrity in the White House
  • Breaking the gridlock in Washington
  • Health care
  • Stem cell research
  • Reducing our national debt
  • Leading with diplomacy not the military
  • Finding solutions to our energy needs other than “drill, drill, drill”

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the change we need!   Democrat Dave


Barack Obama, Choice, 2nd Amendment, Glass Ceiling & Separation of Church and State

September 10, 2008

Gun Rights:  In case you missed the news, the Supreme Court upheld the notion of the 2nd Amendment guaranteeing the rights of citizens to own guns just this year.  Until then, there had never been a Supreme Court ruling on that matter.  The constitution had been, in my opinion, a bit ambiguous as it seemed to tie gun ownership to a “well-regulated militia.”  That’s cleared up now.  There is a constitutional right to own guns.  So, the old claim the Democrats want to take your guns away is absolute horse pucky and always has been horse pucky.  Obama has clearly articulated his support of this right.  You’ll need to find another issue–this one is moot. 

Glass Ceiling:  Where did you hear that Barack Obama supports a glass ceiling?   Certainly you aren’t equating his decision to select Joe Biden as his running mate as demonstrating support for a glass ceiling, are you?  Can you cite any statements backing up your assertion? 

Pro-Choice/Separation of  Church and State:  Roe v. Wade guarantees a woman’s right to choose.  It is the law of the land. Since Americans enjoy a constitutional guarantee of separation between church and state, it would be unconstitutional that a right be overturned for religious reasons.  It is the right of religions to advocate certain positions to its members, but, the state is constitutionally prohibited from dictating religious positions.  And, like it or not, that’s the way the majority of Americans see the issue of choice.  But, it really wouldn’t matter if a majority agreed or not–it’s the law of the land.  We have to protect individuals rights even when it is uncomfortable to do so.

Pro-Choice does not mean that Democrats are pro-abortion–it simply means that most Democrats support a woman’s right to choose. 

What do you think?  Democrat Dave

McCain-Palin: Quit Whining about Obama-Biden

September 10, 2008

What a pack of whining cry-babies the McCain-Palin ticket represents!  It seems all they have time to do now is look for opportunities to cry foul. 

But, when all the Republicans represent is preserving and protecting the George Bush status quo, it becomes easier to understand why they have to worry about protecting their fragile ideas and their relationships with special interest groups.

Sarah Palin doesn’t own the notion of putting lipstick on anything, whether it be a pit bull or a pig. 

McCain-Palin are putting lipstick on the biggest pig I’ve ever seen–their record of the last 8 years!  And, now they would have you believe that “we’re different from that other group of Republicans–we’re Mavericks!”   Does that make you as sick to your stomach as it does me?

Just because the Republicans say it doesn’t make it so.

Joe Biden is correct to raise the issue of embryonic stem cell research.  It is another of the sharp differences between the Republicans and Democrats.  The only thing keeping us for accelerating the research for chronic diseases is the Republican pandering to special interest groups who are against embryonic stem cell research. 

Don’t be confused by where McCain-Palin ticket is focusing their attention.  Since they have so little to run on in terms of ideas and vision for this great country, they will shine the spotlight away from themselves to tell you how “mean those Democrats are.”   What a crock!

Obama-Biden: the team we need to take this nation to the next level.

Democrat Dave