Don’t be mislead by Palin’s celebrity

Sarah Palin delivered the “red meat” the Republican party craved this week.  While people often buy based on emotion and not logic, Palin is not a logical or prudent choice.   She is a pitbull with lipstick.

This election is about choices that go far beyond the celebrity of Sarah Palin.  This is serious stuff, not a decision that should be made arbitrarily and capriciously.

If you want to know how she and her party did this week in terms of truth and integrity, go to   As I keep saying, just because they make a claim doesn’t make it so.

This election is about whether you want the Republicans or Democrats to hold the Executive Branch of government. 

Look at what the Republican’s have achieved in the last 8 years and decide if you want more of the same.  It’s time for Barack Obama to lead this country.

What do you think?

Democrat Dave


One Response to Don’t be mislead by Palin’s celebrity

  1. I’m insulted, offended, and angry. I believe I have a right and an obligation to be all three. I honor McCain for his service to this country. I wonder what makes a candidate give up so much moral ground to win?

    he said he would select a running mate with whom he had good rapport. he met her once.
    he says he is not against abortion in rape or incest. he selected a candidate who is against abortion in any case.

    I am offended that the R powers that be think I will vote for any woman. I will not.
    I will vote for a qualified woman, not a part time, gun toting mayor. I am insulted that they can nominate a person most have not heard of one week ago, and then ban the media from talking to her. this from the straight talking man?
    I am angry that they charge the media with being left. when the media embraced everything they did after 9/11, they didn’t complain then.
    I am angry at this economy and the hardships it has broght. I am angry that we are 20th in infant mortality. I am angry that almost 20 countries are considered richer than are we. I am angry that other countries will surpass us in education, especially when they send their students here.
    so much of this under 8 republican years.
    I am angry, insulted, offended. what are you?


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