Reaction to Sarah Palin speech

Alright, we now know that Sarah Palin can effectively use a teleprompter and deliver someone else’s speech.  She executed someone else’s plan very well.  Congratulations, Sarah!

By the way–this is exactly what the Republicans did with George Bush.  If you look at some of Dubya’s speech work his first year, he looked like a deer in the headlights.  It was as though they pushed him out from behind the curtain saying, “Your job is to go deliver this message. Get out there and do it!”  It reminds me of the hilarious movie “Moon Over Parador.”

The laugh and applause lines seemed overly scripted.  The Republicans are illusionists–they let you see what they want you to see. 

Let’s not forget that a speech doesn’t overcome her record:

  • She has asked that books she doesn’t agree with be banned in a public library
  • She is under investigation for abuse of power in Alaska–she has an established track record of undermining people who don’t support her
  • She doesn’t encourage debate on issues–it’s her way or the highway
  • Her record of “reform” isn’t what it seems to be–she has flip-flopped on pork barrel projects
  • She is against abortion even in cases of rape or incest

She’s not qualified for this job that she wants the American public to hire her for. 

As a guy on MSNBC just said, the speech has a surreal quality–it was like “Live from New York–It’s Saturday Night Live!”

What do you think?  Democrat Dave


5 Responses to Reaction to Sarah Palin speech

  1. MikeInMaine says:

    I think that you are an idiot, but then, you are a democrat. Turn what you’ve said around. obama is GUILTY of what you accuse her of; (tele-prompters, speeches and qualifications). And her record is fantastic, but you want to distort it; as have the liberal media and bloggers- as you’ve shown with the BS that you listed.
    You are scared to death that people will believe what the Rs are saying instead of the Ds garbage. I’m loving your fear.


  2. Mike…did you forget your medication this morning? How many of the ideas in her speech came from her last night? The lipstick message was it. All the rest came from the Republican handlers. Barack Obama has a message and vision that he created and is able to articulate it without the need for such handlers. We know that the Republican party has had an issue of using front people, e.g., Bush, to articulate the views of Cheney and Karl Rove. Isn’t Karl Rove also known as “Bush’s brain?” I’m sorry you’re such an angry guy. Your anger may not get any better come November when your team moves to the sidelines. Democrat Dave


  3. Nc says:

    Hi Democrat Dave:

    While I am not a staunch party member of either side, I am one of the women who is watching what is unfolding in the RNC with a sense of disbelief. Do they really believe that women will go with Palin ticket just because McCain was too b o r i n g to capture even enough attention to have a successful convention without pulling in a “beauty queen” to create hype? I can’t imagine a woman who is willing to herself jump ship from supporting Ron Paul (not McCain) until she is contacted twice to join his ticket and now be considered his “soul mate.” arg! I agree that her presentation is scripted WITHOUT her own depth of insight and wisdom – and frankly she is so far away from demonstrating any ability to do what top level leaders need: ability to thoughtfully listen, adapt and properly respond – not from self-promoting ego and purchased agendas – but from a true sense of what is in the best of all Americans and our role in the world. Can’t see her doing it – it has nothing to do with her being a woman, her current roles, etc. – it has all to do with what seems to be a genuine lack of the qualities and characteristics necessary to gain my MY my trust – a fellow woman, a fellow American and a fellow seeker of what is in the best interest of our country. Stand up beauties – while ruthless to get what she wants – is not my idea of wise leadership.

    As for Mike in Maine – you are oozing your hatred – get a grip….

    NC – a woman who knows better than the McCain/Barbie ticket (how does McCain’s wife like hearing that this new babe is his latest “soul mate”????? Saturday Night – maybe – but not funny…

    We can do better as a country and I believe there will be enough people – both men and women – of any background and party alliance who will join together and go with Obama this time –

    Thanks for listening


  4. Bigmouth says:

    Wow, is all I have to say. If you listen to Palin and go back and look at what she has done the speach blongs to her and her alone. Speach writters yeah Im sure they were involved as they are for all public speakers. In fact Palins telepromter even failed and she addlibed much of her speach.

    Sarah Palin we may not agree with everything she stands for but she does stand strongly on her principles.

    I cannot say that for Barrack Hussein Obama. He has no principles oh yeah he does I forgot he is socialist marxist communist. Now really it is dems who are illusionists. Obamas wife isn’t even proud to be American. what is all this change change about you don’t like america so you want to change it? and yeah to what the USSR?

    Democrat Dave… sorry you have had the rug pulled out from under you sounds like your runing scared now. Hey it would be really cool if you would post some sort of verifiable evidence to show even one thing you say about Palin is true.


  5. Dave says:

    Bigmouth…what an appropriate screen name for you! It is too bad you see the need to use inflammatory language in a dreadful attempt to make the point that you like Sarah Palin and think that Barack Obama is going to ruin America. Sadly, it’s people like you and me that Barack Obama wants to help. I’m not a blue collar guy like you, but, I appreciate that Barack Obama is reaching out to help you and your family. Oh, you’ll benefit whether you vote for Barack or not. If you represent the 20% of Americans that still approve of the reality created by the Republicans over the last 8 years, then I have compassion for the sadness you must feel over your upcoming loss in the November election. Democrat Dave


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