What Joe Biden brings to the ticket

One of my readers asks “what is my take on the addition of Joe Biden to the ticket?”

I’ve been an avid fan of Joe Biden for many years.  I felt for some time that Joe Biden would be the best pick for this ticket due to the vast experience and intimate knowledge he possesses.  As was evidenced from the Democratic Convention this past week, Joe is a real guy, not a pretentious, entitled jerk.  Joe is a guy who loves America, cares about our impact on the world and who augments the ticket in a very profound way. 

There is a world of difference between the Obama-Biden ticket and the Bush McCain-Palin ticket.  Let’s look at the issue of judgement.  The first decision we see from Obama and McCain is their choices for VP.  How did they do?

Obama made a reasoned decision to select a terrific, imminently-qualified gentleman to be a heart-beat away from the President. 

McCain, on the other hand, seems to have made an impetuous decision after his own party “persuaded him” not to go with his first choice for VP: Lieberman.  He barely knows her!  The American people hardly know her. 

While she may be a wonderful person in her own way, she doesn’t measure up to the person we need a heartbeat away.  Kaye Bailey Hutchinson would have been a far better choice if he wanted a woman on the ticket.

McCain is merely trying to pander to the Hillary Clinton supporters by selecting Palin.  It won’t work.  They are far smarter than this.  He picked the wrong woman if that was his expectation.

The Republican talking-heads are “spinning” the story that Palin is an excellent choice for VP.  Really?   Why are some calling it “Hail Mary” pass? 

Just because the “talking heads” say the same things over and over doesn’t make it so.


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